Sunny Days

I ate my cookie from the store, which turned into this on my lap

Photo 58(the dark stuff inside is a giant tasty mound of fig!)

I guess my tummy thought that was lunch, because I wasn’t hungry all afternoon.

I finally made myself eat a salad


(Lettuce, tomato, oranges, raw corn, chickpeas, with balsamic, oil, and lemon juice for dressing).  Read, and sat outside for a little bit.  It’s 90 some degrees here!  Watered my poor plants, and showered.

And then my tummy went “oh yeah!  I like to eat!” So I made it a snack


Oatmeal + nectarine.  Yes, it’s too hot for oatmeal.  Whoops.

I realized while I was making it how IKEA-tastic my house is.  In that picture, it’s an IKEA bowl, on an IKEA coffee table.

I made it in an IKEA pot

DSCN2436I keep my oats in an IKEA canister

DSCN2434(I just refilled it today-I managed to but the EXACT amount the canister took from the bulk foods!  I’m always excited when I do that)

I cut up the fruit on an IKEA cutting board, with an IKEA knife

DSCN2435(I cut the sticker in half before I remembered to take it off.  Yes, I have a masters degree)

Sometime I’ll have to take more pictures of the IKEA-ness that is my house.  Our bed, bedspread, and sheets are all from there, plus a lot of random other things.

Does anyone else share my IKEA obsession?


3 responses to “Sunny Days

  1. April (Foods of April)

    My stomach always does that! I won’t be hungry but then I make myself eat and then BAM! my hunger is in full force! I don’t know why it happens!

  2. so much IKEA stuff! I’ve never been to one! we don’t have them here.

  3. omg, fig anything is amazing i think :p

    we have no ikeas near where i live sadly!

    its my first time to your blog, i like it so far 🙂 im happy to browse around soon

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