Bean Burgers

I’ve not been feeling the meat so much lately, so when we were planning meals for this week, I remembered the last time we made burgers (where I rejected it, and ate corn and watermelon instead while telling my fiance “i’m going to become a vegan.  What will you do THEN?”), so I made myself veggie burgers instead.

I mixed it up before lunch, so I could make sure they’d be tasty for lunch


Black beans, chickpeas, onions, pepper, spices-Blend!

I like some good chunks in there, so I left some out, and mashed them with a potato masher.


I added bread crumbs, corn, and egg, and mixed it all up

DSCN2417(gross color, tasty results)

Fried till crispy


I ate it wrapped up in lettuce with some with watermelon for lunch.  I was going for some dense meals today, in the hopes that I wouldn’t be  quite such an eating machine today.

Afternoon snack:  cereal (it’s Quaker crunchy corn bran, which it turns out is the same as regular Puffins, I just didn’t know this until a few weeks ago), with a chopped up peach and milk.

DSCN2421Doused in cinnamon.  I think I douse everything in cinnamon.  It’s one of my favorite things.

I was craving craving salad tonight, so dinner involved a massive pile of lettuce, with almond, onion, tomato and mandarin orange.  Random, but it works.  I mixed up a dressing-balsamic, oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.  The dressing was absurdly good on the oranges!

DSCN2423Put one of the burgers on a whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and ketchup.  Isn’t the salad pretty?

While we were making dinner the fiance was on the phone with his dad.  And, apparently, his dad got married.  A MONTH ago!  My parents have been married almost a million 38 years, so his parents just have a whole different dynamic anyways (They were both divorced when they met, married for 25+ years, and just divorced last year) but seriously, who gets married and forgets to tell their kids about it?

And now I’m just waiting for election results-one of my brothers is running for city council, and tonight is the primary!  I live in a different state and so I’m missing the election night party 😦 and have to settle for hitting refresh over and over waiting for results. I love my family-there’s 4 kids, one of whom is married with a baby, plus my parents, so 8.  And obviously the fiance makes 9… We talk to each other all the time, and sometimes when I compare us to the fiance’s family I wonder which is weird…

How often do you talk to your family?


3 responses to “Bean Burgers

  1. ha, I’m with you on the cinnamon – yum 🙂

    your bean burgers sound great!

    I talk to my family a lot – both sides, thank goodness. that’s exciting they got married, but kinda funny they forgot to tell him!

  2. dont feel weird, i pour cinnamon over everything as well .. and i do mean everything

    have you ever tried adding cookie / oatmeal spices to bbq meat ? its GOOD. (a little bit of my mideastern side coming out)

    turkey + cinnamon + cloves + ginger + anise + brown sugar or maple syrup = AMAZING

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