The zoo was basically three hours of this:

0817091135-00(This was the sea lions.  They were probably the biggest hit of the day)

Two year old wonder at the world.  Probably the cutest thing ever.  I’m lucky enough to be one of this two year old’s very favorite people.  Which means I got to spend a whole lot of those three hours carrying around 30 pounds of toddler.  AND when she needed to go potty I got to take her!  I’m a lucky woman I tell you.  

We grown ups got lunch while our little friend rejected her pb&j, applesauce, and “snack” (a mix of dried fruit, nuts, and cereal she munches on all day).  I found a sample size cliff bar in my purse, and she ate that instead.  I had tomato soup

0817091156-01Which was super tasty-it had chunks of carrot, celery, and onion in it.  

I also had a half tuna sandwich (the menu assured me it was dolphin safe)

0817091204-00It had dill in it (we’re talking real dill, not pickles) which was tasty!  (Sidenote:  we saw dill at the store a few weeks ago and I said something.  The fiance got confused and asked “what’s dill?”  “it’s a plant.  it goes in dill pickles?”  he looked confused and went “really?”.  Dill as an actual thing had never occurred to him.   But he has yet to tell me that it’s deadly…)

Now I’m munching on this 

0817091414-01and debating if carrying a toddler qualifies as working out.  I’m leaning towards a yes on that.


2 responses to “Zoo!

  1. April (Foods of April)

    I’m pretty sure it counts as a workout 🙂 Every time I carry little munchkins around I get pretty tired!

    I’ve been wondering what in the world dill is! Is it sour?

    • It’s a pretty pretty plant! When it’s used as a seasoning it looks like… little baby pine needles (thin and green)? I don’t know quite how to describe the flavor, but it’s yummy on fish and potatoes-especially salmon. They have big (we’re talking 2+ feet tall) stalks of it at the grocery store here. It’s not sour, the sourness in pickles is from the vinegar. (We’ve made pickles at home before-weird, i know, but it means i know what’s in them 🙂 )

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