Nerd Alert

So, something I don’t like to brag about is… 



I make spreadsheets.  Not for practical reasons mind you.  I don’t have a budget one or one for my student loans, or anything like that.  No, I make spreadsheets when I cook.  I make them for the nutrition information, and for the pricing.  If I have a recipe I’m baking a lot I make a spreadsheet to figure out what the nutrition and price is for the base recipe, and how I can tweak it to be healthier, and cost less.  I’m really cool.  

So the fiance takes pudding in his lunch every day (and string cheese.  He’s totally a grown up).  And a few months ago I got a monster deal on pudding, and we stocked up (we’re talking 25 cents for 4 pudding packs).  But all good things must end, and so now I was trying to figure out what’s the most cost effective way to put pudding in his lunch.  So I made this while I ate breakfast.  

Picture 2

Yeah, I’m cool.  This is just price, I don’t have nutrition on all of them and that seemed like a lot of work.  I think if I wasn’t buying organic milk it’d be a lot cheaper to make.  

I had this while I worked on it:


Oats, flax, an amazing peach, almond butter, and homemade blackberry jam.  I love how oats look when they’re made with flax.  Is that weird?

The port last night was interesting.  The chocolate was tasty! 


We didn’t have port glasses (who does own port glasses, really?) so we made due with white wine glasses.  

DSCN2395(We didn’t finish the chocolate, or the port)

The first sip didn’t feel so great in my tummy-kinda like I’d taken a shot.  But the next sip was better, and it wasn’t too bad.  Just not anything I’m used to.  

I get to go with my cousin, her husband, and their adorable 2 year old to the zoo today, so I have to go get ready for that!  Last time I went to the zoo I was with my brother who would exclaim “I think it’s dead!” about every sleeping animal.  Hopefully this visit will traumatize fewer children.


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