I WAS an eating machine today!

I was super hungry today!  I finished off my watermelon and was still hungry.  I waited a while, and then I made up an amazing snack


Chopped up apple sprinkled with cinnamon, a touch of agave, a spoonfull of almond butter, and granola on top.  Yummy!  It was like a cold apple crispy (extra crisp because it was raw apples).  And, when I finished, I was still hungry.  I felt like this 

So, I waited, drank some water and I was STILL hungry.  So I made the same snack again.  And the went to get the fiance, figuring I’d start feeling full soon.  

Nope!  We got home and got dinner made (I, um, might’ve started sneaking bits of rice while cooking).  


Teryaki turkey, amazing green beans (green beans + a little brown sugar, red pepper, garlic, and almonds -so good, try it!), brown rice.  

I finished and felt like I was full… I even left a little on my plate… It’s been an hour and now… 

I’m hungry again!  I think it’s time to make some popcorn!


One response to “I WAS an eating machine today!

  1. isn’t it crazy how we can be so hungry some days? so strange. your meals look great!

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