You’ll Never Walk Alone…

…Except when your fiance is too engrossed in the match to notice anything.  

The fiance was up early today.  I was surprised, and impressed.  I head the coffee maker start (we have a grind and brew, so it’s loud), the washing machine and dryer start… And when I finally got out of bed, amazed at how productive he’d been he explained “the Liverpool game starts at 8!  I’m trying to find a Chinese feed online!”.  

That explains the early morning.  Liverpool’s motto, for those who aren’t lucky enough to have a “football” fan in their house, is “you’ll never walk alone”.  When we got engaged he got, no lie, a text from a friend telling him “now you’ll really never walk alone!”.   I’m feeling really glad the World Cup next year ends BEFORE our wedding or I think we’d be spending our honeymoon in the hotel, watching match after match.  

At least he made coffee before the soccer monster kicked in.  He started folding the laundry too, but right now he’s holding a place-mat, mid fold, while staring at the screen.  This kids is the next 60 years of my life.  I’ll never walk alone, so long as the match isn’t on.  

I made us breakfast, eggs with some of that corn salsa stuff from the other night for the fiance


I couldn’t figure out what I wanted.  I stared at everything in the kitchen and the fiance asked what I wanted.  “Yogurt, or oatmeal, or a quesadilla”.  He laughed, but I was serious.  And I picked the quesadilla.  


Whole wheat tortilla with zucchini, cheese, onions, and corn salsa inside (there were no onions in the salsa, as those will kill you dead)  


A dollop of sour cream on top, and some raw zucchini with salsa on top on the side.  Yummy!  

DSCN2345Pretty much all the cheese we eat, and most of the sour cream (including the stuff on my food today) is Tillamook.  I don’t know how much people eat it outside of the northwest, but here everyone is OBSESSED with it.  I used to do promos (you know, those people who wander around a city giving out samples or keychains or whatever), and one time I did one for Tillamook yogurt.  Every person we talked to just wanted to tell us about how much they loved the cheese.  And these people had very strong opinions of how good it was.  I don’t know if they thought we were hiding cheese under all the yogurt we were giving away or what, but it was intense.  They make some tasty ice cream too-the huckleberry is fantastic.   

We’re going to Powell’s today.  If you’re not familiar, it’s the largest independent bookstore in the country-we’re talking 68,000 sq ft of books.  It’s a little intense.   And it’s a block from Whole Foods, which means some good post-book snacking!    Giant bookstore + Whole Foods is a pretty  amazing shopping combo-what more could you really need?


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