I think we grocery shop too much

Last night’s dinner was so good!   We had brusectta (and a glass of wine) while we cooked, which I forgot to photograph.  Bread, garlic and tomato, what’s not to love?  

The main meal was yummy


(and yes, half my plate was carrots.  generally if you reverse the veggie to meat ratio you’d get a good idea of what the fiance’s place looks like.  He had I think 3 times as much meat as I did.) 

And then we had a quick breakfast today before we went to the neighborhood parade


There's yogurt hiding under there!

There's yogurt hiding under there!

(Peach, homemade granola, yogurt)


And we went grocery shopping AGAIN today, to get stuff we need for this coming week’s meals.  Costco and Freddie’s.  (Costco, btw, has giant jars of almond butter for 6.25.).  You can tell what the fiance picked out-the red meat!  


We got:  4 lbs of steak (last night was the first time we’d had steak in a few weeks, and i think it sparked the fiance’s appetite for red meat), 6 lbs of sirloin burgers, and one monster jar of almond butter at Costco, and then at Fred Meyer we got a ton of broccoli, 4 peaches, 2 nectarines, 6 bananas, 2 things of hummus, a package of pitas, a couple pounds of green beans, ice cream, and some chia tea mix (it was on super sale…).  

I really like grocery shopping.  Which I feel like is kinda a weird thing to like.  Does anyone else find it to be fun?  I can’t be the only one.


2 responses to “I think we grocery shop too much

  1. HAHHAAH! This is funny, because I JUST posted abt how much I LOVE grocery shopping, too. I probably go abt 5-6 times a week…any chance I can get! (granted, WF is right next to my house…)

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