This is why I usually grocery shop alone..

See this?


Um, yeah, over 50 bucks.  The fiance wanted to make a nice dinner tonight, and so I went with him to New Seasons to pick out stuff.  New Seasons is a fun store-they’ve a local Whole Foods type of store.  They sell Stumptown coffee, which is oh so important.  That was $13 of our total.  Which still makes the rest of the groceries (which only filled one bag) cost about 40 bucks.  We got:  1 big NY Steak (there was another big chunk of the total), a marionberry gallette, carrots, fingerling potatoes, a funny little melon, a loaf of sourdough, a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Laurelwood Red, a pint of half and half, and a half pint of chocolate milk that the fiance drank on the way home.  

We’re having steak with some sort of balsamic glaze, roasted fingerlings, carrots, probably salad, and bruschetta, and then custard and fruit for dessert.  

I started making the custard when we got home.  I was using an old, not so awesome pot, and midway through cooking I noticed this


See the black specks on the lower left?  Um, yeah, that’s part of the pot.  Rad.  I’m going to pretend I used vanilla bean.  It tastes fine, so whatevs.  It can’t give us that much cancer.  

Now I’m going to go take a bath while the fiance starts on the prep for dinner.  I like furlough days.


4 responses to “This is why I usually grocery shop alone..

  1. Dinner sounds amazing! And haha, I spend way more than I should at the grocery store, too. But strangely, I spend less when I’m grocery shopping with someone else.

    • The problem is that the fiance has things he *needs* that add up so fast! Coffee, good beer, wine. Whereas I need broccoli, yogurt, and cheap wine!
      I also think we spend more when we shop together because, um, he’s paying. Which makes me feel a little bad.

  2. April (Foods of April)

    Don’t feel bad- It seems like I buy more food everyday! Yikes!

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