Sometimes, I’m a little Granola…

Making granola is one of those lightbulb moments.  You find yourself realizing “I have all these ingredients!”  “This is easy!”  “Homemade tastes better!”  “I can control the ingredients!”… and finally asking “Why didn’t I do this before?”

It’s, obviously, a calorie dense food.  So, you know, don’t go and eat a whole bowl of it.  But it’s tasty, and we love it on top of yogurt with some fruit.  

I put the recipe here.  You can mix up whatever you want-add dried fruit, change the nuts, put in another cereal (I know the cereal seems weird but it’s seriously good.  Accidental discovery when I was low on oats and wanted granola.)  I made it with agave this time, because agave and honey were the same price at the store, so I decided to try it, but you can do honey, or syrup instead.  I add flax to most things I make, especially breakfast foods.  For me, the fiber and fat help with satiety, and keep my blood sugar in check.  

Basically, you mix up the dry ingredients 


Stir in the wet stuff, and put it on a cookie sheet


Cook it for a half hour or so, stirring ever 10 minutes so it doesn’t burn-you can tell it’s done by tasting an oat.  

Loves it!  


You mix up the dry stuff.


6 responses to “Sometimes, I’m a little Granola…

  1. This looks great! I’ve never tried to make my own granola, but I really should.

  2. I’ve made my own granola before. Never again, because I ended up nibbling and nibbling until it was all gone and I got sick!

  3. great recipe! I love making homemade granola, but I don’t always remember to 🙂

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