Quinoa again

I loved the quinoa we had the other night so much we made it again!  Here’s what I did

DSCN2300Finely dice onion (big pieces will be visible, and thus kill you dead).  Saute in butter until transluscent.  Add quinoa and chicken stock (I freeze mine when I make it, so it’s those round things you see)

DSCN2303Keep adding liquid until the quinoa won’t absorb more (I was low on stock, so I used water too).

Dice tomatoes and add in

DSCN2305The tomatoes will start to dissolve as they cook, so you don’t have to chop them too small, but you also don’t want huge chunks of tomato skin.

Chop or rip (I was feeling lazy so I ripped) basil and add in.  Add in crushed garlic as well

DSCN2306Basil shrinks, so you can’t add too much.  (I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as too much basil, right?).  Now you either let it cook on the stove, stirring, or you can turn the stove off, and cover the pot to let it steam, the way you cook couscous.  I started making this before picking up the fiance, and when I left I put the lid on so mine did a little of both.

You end up with this

DSCN2311Delicious, protein + fresh produce… mmmmm!

We added a few shakes of parmesan at the end, and ate it with chicken sausage and green beans

DSCN2316And I had leftover quinoa for breakfast too!  Yum!

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