Rainy days…

Are perfect for baking!  We woke up to lots of rain, and I was already planning to stop at the store after I dropped the fiance off to pick up more flour.  

This bread was a bit of an experiment.  I used a molasses oat recipe as a starting point.  But that one was using white flour, and i don’t have any molasses.  And I changed the amount of fat added.  And what the liquid was.  

So basically, I was winging it.  

The recipe used a half cup of butter, which seemed rather excessive.  I decided to use some milk instead of some of the water, and then lower the butter.  

Heated milk + water, and added over 1 c oats 

DSCN2278This helps make sure the oats are cooked.  If you’re adding oats into something that doesn’t normal have it (bread, muffins, etc), i recommend this method.  

Added the oat+milk mush into the yeast.  Put in butter, brown sugar, and start adding whole wheat flour 

DSCN2285Keep adding flour until no more will go in, and then start to kneed.  When it’s well kneeded, take the ball of dough and put it into a greased bowl to rise for an hour.  

If you’re me, you realize after the first rise that you forgot the salt, so you kneed it in, and do an extra rise, but that’s not necessary.  

After bread has risen, divide in two and shape into loaves 

DSCN2289Let them rise for about an hour.  


Head the oven to 375.  Wet the tops, and then sprinkle oats on


Bake for about 40 minutes



The only problem was that I forgot these bread pans are bigger than normal ones (I got them for Christmas, then I had full time student teaching, and then it was summer, so they’ve gotten minimal use, and once the bread came out I remembered), so the loaves aren’t super tall.  But the taste is great!  Nice texture, perfect amount of sweetness.  I put the recipe on the sidebar!


3 responses to “Rainy days…

  1. Great experiment–they look delish!

  2. I used to hate rainy days…but if that meant getting fresh-baked breads like that, I might start to like it more ! 🙂

  3. April (Foods of April)

    What an awesome experiment! I love bread.. and yours is calling my name!


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