I have pie!  Pie may not be healthy, or whole grain (I debated using some whole wheat in the crust, but I’m out, and I don’t know if it’d work.  Experiments are best saved for things I don’t have to feed to other people).  But it’s tasty, it’s local, and I like it.  

I’m glad that picking berries isn’t sketchy.  I felt a little weird doing it-I kept my container in a reusable shopping bag while I was doing it so it wasn’t obvious… 

I washed them well, and then mixed them with 1 c sour cream, about 1 c sugar (a mix of white and brown), and about 3/4 cup berries.  And then forgot to take a picture.  

I did a basic Betty Crocker pie crust recipe-flour, butter, salt, water.  

DSCN2268I brushed the bottom crust with some egg, because I’ve read that keeps it from getting soggy.  Cut slits in the top, and brushed with egg.  

DSCN2270My crusts are never totally perfect on the edges.  Someday I’ll make a perfect pretty pie.  But for now, my imperfect ones still taste good 🙂 

Important trick I’ve learned from years of my daddy burning things in the oven:  always put a cookie sheet under the rack your pie will be on.  That way if it bubbles out of the crust when it’s cooking you don’t have sticky burnt berry on the bottom of the oven.  


(You should also avoid using a brand new cookie sheet as your drip sheet-my daddy has gotten in trouble for that more than once!) 

The finished product

DSCN2272There was some leftover filling that I’m still figuring out what to do with-I cooked it on the stovetop, and now it’s hanging out in the fridge.  I might have eaten a little bowl of it, and it’s fantastic!  

So tonight I get pie, plus my cousin’s husband just went on a fishing trip to Alaska, and we get some of his spoils from that!  Mmmm…. 

Berries and fish together make me think of the Berenstain Bears.  Anyone else?

3 responses to “Pie!

  1. Berenstain Bears…now there’s a family of bears I haven’t thought about in a great while. 🙂

    What kind of fish do you get to eat tonight? Salmon? Halibut? Other?

  2. Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you…that is a lovely pie!

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