Fantastic Fresh Dinner

Dinner was amazing!  We had Alaskan salmon (caught by my cousin-in-law) with salad, potatoes, and asparagus.  The fiance was excited because I haven’t let him have asparagus in months (“that is from PERU.  Pick something in season”).  And we got to see my cousin’s daughter, who is our very favorite two year old.  She’d been to the fair today, and told us about the pig races.  Her exact words were “Pig.  Run (does a running arm motion).  Fast!  (Hands in the air, to  show fast)”.  Every time she said this she’d dissolve into giggles.  

I kinda want to go to the fair now.  

So yeah, here is dinner.  My cousin in law went to Alaska about two weeks ago with his dad and brothers, and returned with something like 40 or 50 pounds of fish, mostly salmon.  

dinnerSooo tasty.  My cousin’s daughter was hilarious-all she wanted to eat was salmon.  Lots and lots of salmon.  She also ate plain ketchup.  And plain caesar dressing.  

The pie turned out great!  

pieAnother shot, so you can see how pretty and flaky the crust was

eaten pieAnd it’s raining!  Ask me mid February and I will tell you how much I hate the rain, but right now it’s wonderful.  Rain has been the biggest adjustment for me in Portland.  I love that it’s what keeps it green and beautiful, and I love that my flowers and grass can be kept green without a sprinkler, but sometimes it does rain too much.  

It’s going to smell sooo good tomorrow!  I love that day after the rain scent.


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