I love Portland…

Last night was perfect walking weather-not too cold, but not sweltering either.  

DSCN2248Amazing sunset, good night.  

One of the things I love about Portland is that blackberries grow all over.  Last summer the family I nannyed for had a bunch of blackberries around in their neighborhood, and the kids and I picked a ton and made pies.  My fiance (who at the time was my boyfriend. And my roommate. long story) told me he didn’t like pie,  (Not kidding.  PIE.) until I made him a blackberry sour cream one.  

So, since I needed to make a dessert for tonight, and berries are delicious and free I decided to make pie.  I debated how weird it would look to be on the side of the road picking things.  Then I remembered I was in Portland, and this was sustainable, so it was ok . 

DSCN2262  The first few bushes had a few, but not all of them were super reachable.  And I didn’t want try and get them and end up hurting myself.  (“So, what happened to your face?”  “Berries”).  I’m clumsy.  I got what I could reach, and kept going.  

The third spot I found I hit the motherload.  Giant bushes, with berries I could reach. My little container was overflowing before I could stop myself.  

Which meant that the berries spilled all over my bag.  I now have a purple 5 dollar bill in my wallet.  Score.  

And now I have this in my sink:

DSCN2266Gotta get going on the pie!  

I think I’m going to have to go get more another day.  Who can say no to free local fruit? 

Now I’m just debating:  is picking fruit on the side of the road awesome, or kinda trashy?


2 responses to “I love Portland…

  1. Roadside berry picking=AWESOME!

    Definitely awesome!

    Picking berries on the side of the road is common practice in Alaska. No worries, my friend…it’s not at all trashy.

    That pie sounds amazing, btw!

  2. ooh, fresh berries! we saw some wild raspberries growing on the side of the road a few weeks ago – I just remembered them! I hope there’s still some ripe ones 😉 Even if it’s trashy, I’ll do it.

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