“This is good even when it’s not deep fried and dipped in ranch”

Dinner was tasty.  Despite how many foods there are on the list of FTWKYD (foods that will kill you dead), there are a lot of random things the fiance absolutely loves.  One of them is okra (I know, how can someone refuse to eat something as simple as a cucumber love okra?  I don’t get it)


My basic go-to for cooking tasty veggies is to put them (raw or frozen, depending on what they are) into a pan with water, a tablespoon or so of butter, salt, and pepper.  The water cooks them, and the butter cooks into them, so they’re extra tasty (layer of butter on top has nothing on this, and really I use less butter overall.)  Green beans are amazing like this.  So that’s what I did to the okra


The jambalaya turned out tasty-added just a little bit of red pepper.  


I overcooked the blackeyed peas though 😦 Whoops.  I put them into the crockpot while I ran errands and picked up the fiance, and I came home to mush.  Can’t win them all.  


My plate.  Way too much.  I finished maybe half.  The fiance stole most of my okra.  


We’re going to take a walk after the fiance finishes the dishes (things I love about him:  he always does the dishes! )

Tomorrow night my parents and uncle are back in town, and we’re all having dinner with my cousin, her husband, and their two year old daughter.  I’m in charge of dessert.  Any ideas?


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