Food Prep

Ahhhh working out was good!  The gym was crowded, so I was stuck with a crappy elliptical 😦 but I got an hour in anyways.

I ate the other half of my breakfast bagel with a wedge of laughing cow on the way home.  And I’ve been working on food prep.  I like dinner to be more or less made before I go get the fiance-if it’s done, we can relax together, instead of having to rush around getting things done.

Tonight we’re having jambalaya, okra, brown rice, and black eyed peas.  Depending on how long I nap I might get cornbread made.  I got a giant bag of frozen tomato out of the freezer (from my parent’s garden last year) and put it into my Le Creuset pot.  I love this pot!  My mom has on that was a wedding present-in 1971-that’s still in great shape, so I’m hoping mine will last as long!


I chopped up some more of the peppers from my parents


And then added turkey (leftover from last night), turkey polish sausage, onion, and garlic.  It smells so good!  Depending on how the spice level tastes I might add crushed red pepper later.  I got black eyed peas soaking too, but that’s a boring picture.  (Visualize in your head a pot of beans.  That’s what’s sitting on my stove)

I also had a bunch of basil in the fridge that needed to be used up.  And is there any better way to use up basil than making pesto?

Blender full of basil, with some oil and garlic.  Add in nuts


And cheese

action shot!

action shot!

Blend blend blend

getting close...

getting close...

For lunch I steamed a head of broccoli, and put the leftover whole wheat tortellini on top, with a spoonful of pesto.


The pesto was fantastic!  I wish we’d done it when we had this pasta the other night too!  The fiance adores pesto so it’ll be making its way into his pitas at lunch and eggs at breakfast.

I got the kitchen cleaned up, and now I’m going to shower, and (fingers crossed) take a nap.  And Costco before I pick up the fiance!


One response to “Food Prep

  1. Wow! That is one cheesy pesto! LOVE that!

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