Breakfast of Champions

I figured after the not-so-stellar choices for dinner last night (not my fault: I’m pretty sure the only veggies I saw were deep fried batter coated asparagus.  Which I’ve had.  And is amazing, but not good for you) we could use a proper breakfast.

I got the Stumptown brewing and started on a pot of oats.  I always add flax to oatmeal when I’m cooking it-I think it helps with the texture, but I might be making that up.

DSCN2159I love the canister I keep the oats in-we accidentally ended up in a huge like at IKEA one time to get it (only 99 cents!) and I have a ton of matching ones.  It’s a big improvement over my old storage (aka the bulk foods bag from WinCo)

Oh-I should add, the oats, flax, and most any flour/grain type thing I use is generally Bob’s Red Mill.  I don’t know how it is other places, but here you can find it all over, and it’s made in Milwaukie, OR, only a few miles from me.  Love there stuff, and it’s actually sold in the bulk bins at Fred Meyer and WinCo.

Anyhow, I made my coffee, which wasn’t so great.  I love love love cinnamon in everything, including coffee, but it doesn’t mix in so well.  So I got this creamer from Safeway

DSCN2163Fail.  It tastes like red hots.  If I wanted candy in my coffee I’d put candy in it.  I just wanted cinnamon.  Oh well, live and learn.

I’m sure some of you have figured out that the NW was crazy hot last week.  Here’s proof of just how hot it was


Those used to be chocolate chips, that I promised the fiance would go in oats for him.  I had to make it work, so I got out the cheese grater.  It worked, more or less.


His oats were oats + flax with a spoonful of peanut butter and some of the grated former chocolate chips


I got out a food that will kill you dead for mine:  Coconut!  (and it’s Bob’s Red Mill too!)


My bowl:  oats + flax with coconut, about 2/3 of a peach, walnuts, and homemade blackberry jam from my mommy.

There are oats under all that!

There are oats under all that!

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!  We’re meeting my parents for lunch in an hour and a half in the Pearl, and it’s Timbers tonight!

One response to “Breakfast of Champions

  1. Oh… I love IKEA! Cute canister 🙂

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