I Bit Oregon!

We had a great time at Bite of Oregon!

In addition to the food, beer, and wine, there are all sorts of random booths with free stuff-and who doesn’t love that?  We stopped by a big Wii setup-they had about a dozen you could play with.  We’ve got a Wii at home, but the fiance couldn’t resist trying a new game-we just got the Wii about a month ago, so we only own two games, so there’s a whole world of Wii out there we haven’t played yet.  (Side note:  if you play Wii boxing for too long your arms will kill you the next day-guess how I learned that!)

DSCN2129Then we found samples from Resers Food. They sell all sorts of side dishes you find in the deli at the grocery store.  They were giving out samples of dip, and it was free, so we figured we’d try.  We found the beer garden on our way to some seats.  I got a Razberry Wheat from Cascade Brewing and the fiance got Crosstown Pale Organic from Hopworks Urban Brewery.

My beer was RED!  It looked like Kool Aid!  But it was tasty.  I really like some of the fruit flavored beers sometimes, even though I know they’re not always proper beers.  And the Resers samples were surprisingly good!  I didn’t eat the potato salad, cause I’m not such a fan, but the dip was amazing.

I was highly amused at the cups:  DSCN2131you know you’re in Portland when your beer cup is compostable.

We walked around and checked out the booths-we managed to get some driving credits put onto our Zipcar account for visiting their booth, and we got to samples of grilling rubs from the pork council or something like that.

Then we found the fry booth.  Oh my goodness.

I’m half Canadian, and in Canada a popular topping for fries is brown gravy.  Super healthy, i know.  But soooo tasty.  You can actually get fries with gravy at the food courts in Costco up there.  This fry place had brown gravy to go on the fries, AND sweet potato fries.  Greasy heaven.  We got one regular with gravy, and one sweet potato, and shared.

Regular potato+gravy

Regular potato+gravy

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries

Then we went to check out the wines.  They sell wine glasses for $5, but we learned last year you don’t need them to taste, and the last thing we need is another wine glass.  So we kept it klassy and drank from plastic.  We talked to the winemaker from LaVelle Vineyards and tried their Pinot-so good!

They were about a 1 ounce taste

They were about a 1 ounce taste

I loved that their tastes were in these little cups-they reminded me of taking medicine when I was a kid.

We had a terrible time figuring out what to eat!  So many choices all in one place.

We got Kobe Chili from Rouge (you probably know them for their beer if you’ve heard of them-Dead Guy Ale is the best known).  It was great-the perfect amount of spicy, where it wasn’t burning your mouth, but left that nice bit of spicyness when you were done.

Presentation wasn't much, but taste?  Yum!

Presentation wasn't much, but taste? Yum!

Then crabcakes from Bell Buoy.  They’re in Seaside, a fantastically kitschy town on the coast that’s less than two hours from us-we went there for Memorial Day weekend this year.  Pretty tasty, but I was getting full, and still wanted some dessert!


We also made another trip to the beer garden


I had Sesquincentennial Ale from Rouge (Oregon is celebrating 150 years of statehood this year, Sesquincentennial means 150th), and the fiance had an Amber from Standing Stone.

Then some amazing desserts!  First up “Panda-ka-bob”, of milk and white chocolate covered strawberries.


The chocolate wasn’t the most delicious, but they were pretty good.

And then Alpenrose ice cream!  It was totally Baskin Robbins stuff, just with slightly different names.  Like I said before, they supply all the ice cream for Baskin Robbins in the area, and this was idential (I worked at BR through HS and college, so I know my ice cream!), with slightly different names.  I got Blackberry, and the fiance got Mocha Almond Fudge.

I didn't finish it-too much!

I didn't finish it-too much!

Yummy day!

Tomorrow we get to go to our first day of marriage prep at our church (yikes!), plus my parents will be here for lunch, and we’re going to see the Timbers.  Busy Saturday!


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