Bite of Oregon

Tomorrow the fiance only has to do a half day of work, and then he and I are going to Bite of Oregon

We went last year and it was so fun… Amazing food, and a great beer gaden, what more could you want?

Oh yeah, weather that won’t kill you.  This is summer in Portland:

Picture 2Yeah, I know it’s not that great of weather, but considering last week it got to 107 degrees, this feels AMAZING.  And there’s a bus from the festival right to our neighborhood, so we can both enjoy the festival!

I never showed my dinner last night!  Not the best picture, but it tasted absolutely amazing!  Added spicy sausage, and put it over some rotini.  I threw in a little bit of sugar at the end-that’s one of the biggest tricks I’ve learned with spicy food, a little bit of sweet gives it a fuller flavor rather than just being hot.  It was delicious!  Perfect amount of spice!  Photo 55(Normally I’d do whole wheat pasta-I’ve been eating it for so long that it just tastes better!  But I got some of the Ronzoni Smart Taste, which looks like normal pasta, but has added fiber and calcium, free after coupons.  I can’t turn down free on something I’ll use, even if the ingredients list is a little long)

Tomorrow since the fiance doesn’t have to be at work so darn early like he normally does I’m going to make some pancakes!  Yum!


One response to “Bite of Oregon

  1. The weather here in Vancouver is so similar..last week it was over 100 degrees, and now it’s chilly and windy 😦

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