overabundant harvest

hand for scale of just how much i have

hand for scale of just how much i have

My parents have one of the best gardens I have ever seen.

Yes, I might be a bit biased when I say that, but they grow almost everything we need in the summer and fall.  They’ve got:  peas, carrots, onions, green peppers, about 5 types of hot peppers, a million tomato plants, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, peaches, nectarines, zucchini, green beans, 3 apple trees, plums, pears, grapes, and a ton of herbs. (Back before I was born we used to have corn, but what was once a little corn field is now a pool).  We were sent out to forage for snacks when we were kids.  You haven’t lived till you’ve had your mother scold you to eat more raspberries (I freaked out when I finally was on my own in the summer and saw how much those things cost at the grocery store!)

Needless to say, when I have family coming from my hometown I ask for as much fresh stuff as they’ll send.  That box was brought by my brother this weekend, so there’s already a few tomatoes missing.  The problem is that my mom and dad are also visiting this coming weekend, so I’ve gotta go tomato/cucumber/pepper crazy before they get here.

The problem is that my fiance won’t eat tomatoes raw for the most part (it’s ok in pasta salad, once in a while on normal salad), and straight up won’t eat eat cucumbers at all (who hates cucumbers?).  So here’s what I’ve spent my morning doing:

chopping tomatoes and peppers

chopped up tomatoes and peppers

I chopped up a few tomatoes and peppers, to make pasta sauce with.  (My parents also sent along a massive amount of basil that I’ve gotta use up)

add crushed garlic, oil, and sea salt

add crushed garlic, oil, and sea salt

And then cooked it all up into a delicious mess.  No onions because my fiance thinks those will also kill him dead (serious, I need to make a list).  I’m going to add spicy sausage and we’ll have yummy pasta for dinner!

Sadly, that didn’t make enough of a dent, so this is my lunch:

Tomato, Walla Walla Sweet onion (sweet onions are amazing-we used to dip them in ketchup as a snack when we were kids), Cucumber, Basil, Garlic, and a touch of oil, sea salt, and pepper.  Amazing salad.


Only problem?

DSCN2088I’ve still got a lot more cooking to do!  I just don’t know what to make!  Any ideas?

One response to “overabundant harvest

  1. Omigod so jealous of your garden bounty! And also horrified by your fiance!

    I think it is hard to go wrong with stuffed vegetables- tomatoes are CRAZY TASTY stuffed with rice, currants, chickpeas, etc. etc.- and he eats them when they’re cooked, right?

    For cucs, you could try sneaking them into tzaziki or, the Indian version, raita- just yogurt and shredded cuc, and optional additions of lemon, pepper, fresh mint, parsley, or dill, etc.

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