watermelon is a diuretic

(or, why you shouldn’t eat half a watermelon before bed)

Well, last night I broke my car.  Which is bad, because it’s broken (also, because the tow truck driver, who kindly gave us a ride home, spent the drive telling us about how bad dead bodies smell.  awesome).   But it’s worse because I’m almost out of watermelon, and walking from the store with one doesn’t sound fun.

not sketchy looking at ALL

not sketchy looking at ALL

So now my car is sitting at this repair shop.  And even though it’s just a broken radiator hose we think (hope) we don’t get it back till at least tomorrow.  Lame.  We have another car.  It’s just not insured, hasn’t been driven on a regular basis in two years, and is still parked on the street where we used to live.  That’s totally legal I’m sure.

So after the fun of the car breaking down (did I mention it was on I-5, at rush hour, when it was 90 degrees?  ’cause that makes it even more fun, obviously), and the appetizing stories of how death smells, we were of course super hungry.

Honestly I think the fiance was a little sad we weren’t getting slurpees for dinner.  But I’d prepped dinner before I went to get him, so real dinner it was.  We had stir fried veggies, brown rice, and grilled teriyaki turkey.  Which was no slurpee, but still pretty tasty.  The turkey was super super cheap Photo 53at Fred Meyer the other day (we’re talking a buck a pound), so we’ll be eating a lot of turkey… I cooked up a pound and a half, and we ate about a third of that.  The rest will be lunches and then dinner on Thursday.  The turkey was hiding in the back of my plate-I haven’t been digging on meat at dinner so much lately.  I think it’s the part where my tummy is too full of 5 pounds of watermelon.

I am now down to a container and a half of watermelon.  Which I think is a bit less than half.  Whoops.  The big lesson (and title for this post) is that watermelon can act as a diuretic.  I’d heard my preggers cousin talk about this the other day, but my body tends to be awesome regardless of what I do, so I wasn’t too worried.  Poor choice.

I don’t know how many times you wake up at night to pee, but I was up FOUR TIMES last night.  I tend to be a little bit dehydrated because I don’t like to drink water (yes, that’s weird.  I drink it at the gym, and if I’m at a BBQ or something where the other choices are Bud Light and Coke I’ll pick water, but otherwise it’s coffee, tea, lemonade, and vita rain), so maybe some people who are properly hydrated pee more than I do, but I’m still pretty sure that four times is not normal.

And now we’re watching the price is right because my fiance is “working” from home.


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