oh my god-ermellon

I was hesitant to buy a watermelon ‘caues I wasn’t sure  if I’d manage to eat one before it went bad.  I feel guilty when I throw away food (espeically as I don’t compost.  I have baddd composting guilt).

But, watermelons are 3 bucks at Safeway right now.  So on Friday I bought one, which clocked in around 12 pounds.  It, um, is all gone.  And I was at my cousin’s Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning.  And my fiance doesn’t eat watermelon (at some point I’m going to write down everything he won’t eat.  It’s a weird list.  He’s the only person I’ve ever met who hates blueberries.)

So yeah,  I killed that one and bought a BIGGER one today (it’s 3 bucks regardless of size).  15 pounds.  I think I’m getting near eating a 4th of it already.

Delicious.  Photo 52(I’m not in this picture because not having a job means I don’t have to shower.  Yes, my fiance is a lucky, lucky man.)


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