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I’ve come to some realizations this past weekend

I realized too late if you run 10 miles*, a normal lunch isn’t going to cut it and you will end up ordering nachos the size of a small child for dinner

Plus a burger that I’m fairly sure used about half a cow. And bacon, just for good measure.

And a salad. Because between the running and the salad you can totally justify the rest of your meal.

And I realized no matter how many baby-sized plates of nachos you eat, when you get home you still need dessert
It happens.

I also realized that helping in my community is awesome. Mostly because my weekend volunteering at Springfest in my ‘hood resulted in this
Free beer. In a parking lot. On a Sunday evening.

I heart community service.

I also realized that when I drink my small-town roots show and I want to make fires.

And if I’ve been drinking I may also want to make s’mores. True story: if you have no chocolate bars, no marshmallows, and no graham crackers your s’mores dreams don’t have to die. You just end up doing this
Those are charred peeps. With the ear of a chocolate bunny shoved in them.

It happens.

And when you’re drunkenly eating molten peeps I’ve realized if you have a loving husband like mine he’ll laugh, tell you that you look homeless, and then take pictures.

Thanks baby.

And most importantly I’ve realized I’ve got less than a week till my husband’s birthday. And since my birthday comes a week after that, I need to get him some killer presents to insure I get awesome ones. So it’s shopping time!

Happy Monday friends!

*Um yeah, I ran 10 miles. Madness. I get pissy if I have to drive 10 miles normally.

Bridge to Brews

Sunday we got up bright and early for Bridge to Brews

We’d had crappy rain all week, so I was beyond excited for clear skies. Clear skies are like crack to Oregonians.

Bridge to Brews starts by Widmer Brothers Brewing, takes you across the Fremont Bridge, through NW Portland, and back across the Broadway Bridge

(Fremont in front, Broadway is the red one behind it)

This is awesome, and the only time you can be on foot on the Fremont Bridge. The catch is that getting onto the bridge involves going uphill. Possibly not the most fun way to start a race.
But then you get a nice gradual downhill

The husband’s knee has been bugging him lately, so he walked down rather than run and piss it off more. This left me and baby brother to rock it out together
The husband caught up with us (fast husband!) but since his knee was still being lame (literally lame I guess…) he split again to do the 8k instead of the 10.

Baby brother and I stuck together for another mile or so, and then greyhound boy sped off.

(True story: sometimes, I see greyhounds, and text baby brother about it. He is generally not amused)

When I hit the Mile 5 sign I started trying to book it. That made me tired. Poor choice.

So I slowed down.

Then I thought I was near the finish, and started trying to book it. Turns out the finish was farther away. Poor choice.

I finally got to the end and found my brother and husband. Not cheering for me, mind you. They were arguing about times and missed me crossing. Thanks friends, thanks.

Chip time was 1:08 and some change (Baby Brother was 1:04).

Post race meant beer time!


Your stamp to prove you showed ID?

Keep Portland weird. And fearful of corporations. (We’re getting a R&R half next year. Apparently not everyone is excited?)

You were supposed to take 2 beers
My husband is a rebel. Or a drunkard.

We might have also went back for 2nds. It happens.


So this weekend Baby Brother has been visiting to run Bridge to Brews with us (and to see his favorite sister of course)

Yesterday, we went out for a happy hour, to help fuel ourselves for the race.

We hit up the McCormick and Schmick’s on the waterfront to get our pre-game on. I’m a fan of the view
We’re serious athletes, so you should take this as a lesson on how to prepare for a race.

Hydration is important in the days leading up to a race. I had a berry drink of some sort. Which was basically a smoothie
Healthy and hydrating.

Alternately, you can go the boys’ route and combine hydration and carbo-loading. We love the harborside McCormick’s because it’s also the PDX Full Sail, which means you get a bunch of pub-only brews
hydration + carbs = multitasking!

Don’t tell me alcohol is dehydrating. It’s a liquid, it hydrates you. Science.

It’s also important to have protein

And healthy fats
(Fats are healthiest if they’re consumed with a carbohydrate. Again, science.)

And when all else fails, you can’t go wrong with the hummus platter. You just can’t.
We also had burgers and fries. Just to double check that we got enough protein. And carbs. And super healthy fats.

And that friends is how you properly pre-game for a 10 k. I promise.

It’s science.

Race Recap tomorrow!

The Greatest Football Supporters

I’ve been a slacker on blogging. Been busy… Plus I might have accidentally bought too much on ebay and been trying to stay off the computer a bit.

And now since this is a food blog, I’m going to write about sports today.

Maybe I should’ve just kept slacking.

Last night was the home opener for the Timbers. They’re our local soccer team, and this year they’re part of MLS. It’s kinda a big deal around here.

The husband and I’s first kiss happened while tailgaiting before a Timbers game so it holds a special place in our hearts.

Plus, my husband likes soccer, and I like getting to yell profanity in public, so we had to go.

So we stood in a long line, in the rain, waiting for our seats

General Admission seems like a good idea until you do this.

Then we settled in. High class dinner
And I realized not wearing socks was the worst choice ever. My feet were soaked, and it was bad enough that this happened
Don’t judge, it helped my feet regain feeling for a while.

We scored!
Repeatedly. We we we so excited.

Ended up being 4-2, Timbers. If you ever watch soccer you know that is a LOT of scoring. You can watch entire games with no goals.

Here’s hoping the rest of the season is just as redic.

Normal posts again soon. Bridge to Brews this weekend!

Weather.com is full of Crap

Around 11 today, I looked up the weather. I wanted to go on a run, and I figured at some point it would rain.

Weather.com told me it was going to rain around 2. So I had a snack, got my sneakers on, and was out the door by 11:45

About a mile in I felt some sprinkles.

Light rain is awesome. Bring it.

At about 2 miles I realized I could more or less cross “shower” off my to-do list when I got home. I was soaked.

And after 3.5 miles, I came home looking like I’d reverse wet my pants


See that light crotch? (sexy, you’re welcome) That’s the normal color of my shorts. Totally soaked.

At least now I can say I washed my hair today.
The first time I ran in the rain I felt like a total badass.

Now? Most of the time I just accept it as part of running in Oregon.

But if I’d know it was going to soak me this bad? I’d have stayed inside.

You a rain runner? I used to look at people outside in the rain and think they were nuts. Now, I realize sometimes it’s the only way you’re going to get a run in.

Also, I’ve been getting some running questions, and I’m going to do a post on ‘em soon, so if you have any more leave ‘em in the comments!